I owe you all an update!

All is well in the pregnancy department. We saw the heart beat at the first ultrasound which showed a tiny flickering line over a cheerio shaped blob. The second ultrasound showed the heart beat at 145 beats per minute and  clearly showed the fetal pole and yolk sac and a kind of blob that is the baby. Everyone exclaimed that it was beautiful. My progesterone has been a little bit of  a roller coaster but the last reading on Friday so I was relieved and happy.
I have been religiously taking all my meds and getting shot in the posterior every night by my lovely devoted wife. I have managed to pretty much keep it a secret to the general public in my life although I did let it slip to two “work friends” in the last few days.
My next ultrasound ( and last fertility clinic appointment) and meeting with my doctor is next Monday. I have barely seen him – in fact I think I have seen him twice – once for a consultation and once for a saline sonogram. 
The person who has kept me going through this whole conveyor belt of excellent science and near perfect embryology is the nurse who worked with my previous doctor who retired. She is not really anything to do with my care anymore, as I am managed by a so called “IVF team” but I ask for her every time I am there and she meets with me in semi secret and looks at my charts and results and cheers me on. She came trotting down the hall looking for me on the afternoon of our first ultrasound took me off to draw my blood ( in a perfect in and out, no problems like I usually get with my shy veins)  and gave us big hugs and smiles when we found out the results.
I am going to miss her and one of the other nurses who is also an old timer and incredibly kind and sweet. But I won’t miss anyone else.
Symptom wise I am feeling ok. No morning sickness, extreme dry mouth, slight nausea, sense of nervousness and hyper-ness now and then and  heightened emotions. The heightened emotions are a problem because work is incredibly stressful and I feel angry and disgusted a lot of the time. It is never the actual work or the clients, it is always the politics, the petty unprofessional staff and the lack of accountability that hurts the people we serve and makes the services they receive a kind of Russian roulette. You can get really good service or you can be devastated. It’s a crap- shoot. And based on who you get to “serve” you.
But that’s another story for another day.
For now I am still pregnant and very grateful. Thanks for all your support and cheers along the way.
PS Isobel is thriving and super cute and funny. I will do a post about her really soon I promise!

7 thoughts on “I owe you all an update!

  1. Excellent news! Take care of yourself and try, as much as you can, to enjoy this time, because it surely flies by three times quicker than before. Best of wishes to you!

  2. Eb says:

    Take it easy, drink lots of water and I AM SO JELOUS! So glad its all all going well. What's it like being pregnant the second time around? I always imagined I would love it? Not be as worried? Is that naive?

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