200th post: 5 weeks and one day pregnant

It’s a big number post milestone for me in more ways than one.  I am 22 days past 5 day FET. My first BETA was 285,  progesterone was  18.8. Second BETA  was 1185, Progesterone was 16. Commence major freak-out at dropping progesterone levels, which resulted in adding another PIO to the protocol for a total of 1cc PIO every day as opposed to every other day and another blood level check today. Third BETA was today 2600  and Progesterone went up to 20 ( to prove my point that I needed extra support). My EDD is January 29th, 2014.

Big huge  thanks to Itiswhatitis(orisit) for technical and emotional support through the crazy rollercoaster of HCG and progesterone tests. Honestly I would have been a basket case ( okay I was anyway) without Dr. It Is What it Is ( or is it?). Thanks, friend!

This is a strange pregnancy so far. Despite freak outs, I do feel calmer. I do feel able to plan a little bit ahead and not worry that this pregnancy is not going to last or bad things will happen. I still know that anything can happen but I feel a little more laid back about it. I don’t feel so fragile. I am still lifting Isobel ( 25lbs) –  but not as much as I was. What can a mama do? I went to the gym yesterday and worked out on the eliptical – something I would never have done last time.   Today I went to the garden center and got plants and bags of mulch for the garden and spent much of the morning gardening. I sit down when I get tired and I am definitely not overdoing it. My big symptoms are mild indigestion,  thirst and dry mouth ( could be the meds) tiredness and raging hunger – especially at night. I am still snoring – never stopped after my last pregnancy and since I am even fatter than I was then it’s not going away anytime soon. I started drooling while I sleep. Fun! And I am determined not to sit on the couch for the next 8 or so months, like I did last time.

I was at the clinic today sitting in the sterile waiting  room with a bunch of other patients all staring at our smart phones, when a couple walked by who looked shell  shocked. The woman was crying but trying not to and the man looked sad. She had to check out and it only took about 15 seconds for her to do that and walk through the waiting room and I thought it must have felt like an eternity for her. No one else seemed to notice. My heart was in my throat. It followed them out the door. I wanted to reach out and envelop them in a  big psychic hug. Then I wanted to tell her that she could use donor eggs or donor sperm and it would WORK! It did for me! I know there are all sorts of heartbreaks in the infertility world, and the need for donors is not the only one, and there is all kinds of loss too. I imagined that they had not seen a heartbeat when she needed one, or  they had met with the doctor and he had told them they were screwed, or she had had her sixth miscarriage. I know that the first time I prepared to receive donor eggs I felt so relieved not to have to worry about my old and washed up eggs  and that all I had to do was to focus on my uterus ( that was pressure enough). And I mentioned to one of the nurses that it felt so good to be in this position and she told me that she wished more people would do what I was doing. And not just keep going through the pain and misery in the hopes of a bio child. But that was an easy decision for me. And it’s not for everyone. I know that. I know that my answer isn ‘t everyone’s answer. I am just really really grateful that it is mine.

So that is my 200th post. Not deep, mostly the facts ma’am. And a short musing on the gratefulness quotient that is verging towards infinity. And holding all my sisters in waiting rooms everywhere, and those who are doing that sad walk out the door in my hopes and dreams too.

6 thoughts on “200th post: 5 weeks and one day pregnant

  1. K says:

    Oh my goooooooosssssshhhhhhh!!! I have been neglecting my reader lately so this is the first I'm hearing of your news. I am over the moon for you!! A thousand congratulations and crossed fingers and toes and all of it. Hooray!

  2. K says:

    Oh my goooooooosssssshhhhhhh!!! I have been neglecting my reader lately so this is the first I'm hearing of your news. I am over the moon for you!! A thousand congratulations and crossed fingers and toes and all of it. Hooray!

  3. I'm adding my virtual arms to the hugs going out to the couple in the waiting room, and everyone still in the trenches.I'm so looking forward to following your next adventure!

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