Yes +

That’s what the pee stick said! I haven’t used one of these ones before and even though I read the instructions I was a bit perplexed it didn’t say either “pregnant” or “not pregnant”, but I got the idea pretty quickly and started yelling from the bathroom and laughing and doing a little jig. I was holding the fancy plastic digital test stick ( with cap on) and Isobel wanted to come into the bathroom when she heard the commotion so she grabbed it off me and was dancing around laughing and cackling and looking gleeful. For a minute I thought the genius had heard me say “I’m pregnant!” and understood. But pretty soon she said, “what is it?” Ha!

I was pretty convinced it was no. Apart from a few things. Emotional breakdown last night over Susan sitting in her usual arm chair with her usual computer doing her usual work while I tried to talk to her. Almost getting into a car crash today ( distracted and scattered). Feeling twinges in my uterus a couple of days after transfer. Having two lunches today: a healthy one and one that consisted of pancakes and fried eggs. That sort of thing.

So how do I feel and what’s on my mind? I am cautiously optimistic. Hoping for a good Beta tomorrow. Praying this pregnancy lasts a long time and provides a live baby. Wishing for a smooth pregnancy. Feeling energized. Making plans. All those  sorts of things. And as I said to a buddy tonight on chat, enjoying the telling of the news. Because though it’s a secret in the wider world, there are many in my smaller circle that know and cheer me on, even when I don’t feel optimistic ( like the whole TWW!)

I will update tomorrow, hopefully with a nice number:)

20 thoughts on “Yes +

  1. Friend, as I type this, I am crying tears of joy and relief for you. I am just so glad to be part of the knowing inner circle.Your good news is good!Looking forward with great anticipation to tomorrow.

  2. Super news!!! Really delighted for you my friend, woohoo did I not tell you I had a good feeling about this? Can't wait to read your next update!!

  3. Oh my goodness, congratulations to you & Susan!!! So thrilled for you guys and holding hope those beta levels will continue rising as they should and the coming months will move forward with a smooth drama free pregnancy!

  4. Hurray, hurray, hurray!!! Such amazing news – congratulations, such wonderful news!! Your little family is going to be getting bigger, what a great time for you all. Love and Kisses!!

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